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Excellent Motivational Speaking

At Tomob Global MS, we’re passionate about motivational speaking, and this is reflected in the work that Minister Thomas does. He is a passionate, knowledgeable professional, and his motivational speaking services are sought after. Contact us directly to experience this inspirational speaking first-hand. This page is about the services that Thomas provides, and we’d love you to learn more about what he offers.

Motivational Speaking to the Medical Industry

As an organisation we’ve travelled extensively, giving inspirational speeches to a wide array of medical professionals, medical centres, and hospitals. Our goal is to bring hope to the patients, as well as the medical practitioners.

Disability Ability Speaking

We support Thomas, and as part of our services he speaks about what he’s been able to achieve. He doesn’t allow his condition to limit him, and this is demonstrated through the speeches he makes. Using his story and experiences, a great message is delivered every time.

Disability, Diversity, Inclusion, Advocacy, and Inspiration

Thomas has unique skills in seeing positivity from disability. In his speaking engagements, he tells people the motivating story of how he has been able to use his unique situation as an advantage, allowing him to capture wide-reaching attention and admiration. One of the things he strives towards is inspiring people to stop looking at themselves as “disabled” and start considering themselves as “differently-abled!”

He emphasizes that anybody can encounter “disability” and negative obstacles in life, and that this shouldn’t stop you chasing your goals. Thomas has a tried-and-tested strategy for how people are able to learn to see their negative situations as positives, and this is a skill he wants to share around the world.

Motivating at the Corporate Level

Minister Thomas shares how certain values and attitudes have given him the right mind-set to overcome adversities in life. He challenges the corporate world to have a clear perspective in life. By asking them to use the identified gifts to set a vision of achieving a goal or dream in life, he motivates them to be better. He speaks to companies all over the world about corporate vision, strategy, and performance.

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative

As with us, Thomas is always thankful to God for giving him the vision to set up the Tomobglobal Foundation. This non-profit organisation emphasises on disability issues and how to strategically promote disability independence. Examples are the promotion of disability in education, entrepreneurship, leadership, sports, and entertainment.

Motivational Speaking to Organisations

As Thomas moves throughout the world, speaking to academics, students, and professionals, he covers certain values and attitudes developed through experience and faith. These have allowed him to get through the difficult times in life, and this includes talking to:

  • Non-Profit Organisations
  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Schools
  • Professional Bodies

Environmental Industry Motivational Services

Thomas speaks on the impact of environmental degradation, caused by extractive industries such as oil, gas and mining. By looking at the area, he’s also able to comment on possible solutions to the problem.

Speaking on Hope, Encouragement, and Inspiration from the Christian Perspective

Thomas is a Christian, and is a well-known evangelist. He spreads the word of God through his disability ministry. He draws much of the motivation and inspiration he has used to overcome life’s challenges from his faith in God. It is from this strong faith in Christ that he taps much inspiration, and he uses this when he gets the chance to address his fellow believers. 

His ability to use his unique situation to inspire the world makes him a memorable choice for any faith-based gathering. If you or your organization are searching for a motivational speaker or preacher who can truly edify and inspire with a powerful personal testimony, look no further than Thomas. Contact us to bring this powerful message into your next religious gathering.

We speak to:

  •  Companies
  • Non-Profit Organisations / Churches
  •  Universities
  • Colleges
  • Schools
  • Professional Bodies
  • Many more

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